Monday, 7 January 2019

As I begin this new year…

Favourite pic from 2018 - Garden at Amboise 
… I know that I am very fortunate.

At this moment I stand on the threshold of the new but I'm still able to look back on the old year.  And it was a good one.  There were successes.  But there were losses too and this New Year is already tinged with sadness as I reflect that three friends will not be with me this year.  Two of these friends I had the pleasure of working with over a number of years.  The third was someone I spent a lot of time with in France.  Each and every friendship is unique and can never be replaced.  Even though I know I will make new friends in 2019 - some who will stay with me, some who will be with me for a short while and others who will be transitory - I also know that each new friendship will have its own individuality and I look forward to that.  As for my three missing friends, each of them will be very greatly missed.

But, as they say, life goes on and there is a lot to look forward to.  Another book, more blogposts, more interviews, book reviews and many other interesting projects to get involved with.  I sincerely hope you readers out there will join me for the journey through 2019.

I also want to let you know that I will be visiting Harrogate library in the coming weeks and that I will be in the auspicious company of some very interesting authors - Karen  Perkins, C L Spillard and E Rachel Hardcastle.  If you are able to join us on January 19th at 2.00pm in the café area at the library, we would be only too pleased to see you there.  And there is no charge for the event.  Please contact the library if you are interested.

My regular weekly posts on the blog will begin on Tuesday 15th.  Coming up on the blog over the next few weeks will be guest appearances by authors Megan Mayfair, Jennifer Wilson and Kate Schofield.  Book reviews will be a regular feature with the first being my review of Paris Proposal by Stephanie Cage.  A great read.  And there will be other great books in the months to come.

There will be more Jottings from the Journals… and I hope you will also Come stroll with me… through various towns and villages in France throughout the year.  All of this, of course, will be accompanied with photos and my regular tweet for the #FrenchFridayPhoto will be back on Friday, January 11th.  I hope that you will join me.

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