Tuesday, 2 August 2022

Please welcome fellow writer, Sheunesu Kasiamhuru....

...to my blog this week. Hello Sheunesu and thanks for making time in your busy schedule to be here today.  I understand you have a new book out about leadership. So tell me more...

Do you ever feel like you don’t know how to be a great leader?

In Sheunesu E Kasiamhuru leadership book The Art of Decisiveness, we are taken on a blast to the past to learn key skills from the Age of Enlightenment through modern greats in order to move towards a brighter future. From the world of theory and philosophy, we will learn the practical applications to help support individuals and businesses on their quests for success in this ever-changing landscape.

The Art of Decisiveness embraces the pillars of belief, health, attention to detail, unity of purpose, first impressions, perception, initiative, merit, and legacy. Through studying the history of great leaders such as Napoleon, Sir Isaac Newton, and modern-day giant Kobe Bryant, the author places us alongside these greats as they discover what it takes to become decisive thought leaders and thinkers. This book urges readers to get off the couch onto the field and then into the boardrooms where decisions are made.

about the author...
Sheunesu E Kasiamhuru-Mutembwa is a Zimbabwean entrepreneur, writer, and a FIFA accredited soccer coach who is a graduate of the University of Pretoria in the discipline of sports management. In addition to this Sheunesu also worked as a field manager for a joint research survey in Zimbabwe organized by the American University and the University of California Davis in 2018. Having sampled many diverse cultures in his numerous travels after his high school education at St Georges College Zimbabwe, Sheunesu combines those experiences with his love for history in his debut philosophy book.

The Art of Decisiveness provides insights into the traits and principles of decisive leadership. He believes in looking back in time to help solve the issues that lay ahead. He loves to travel, hike, climb mountains and support his favorite teams which are Real Madrid, Arsenal, the Los Angeles Lakers and the New Zealand All Blacks. 

You can read an extract from Sheunesu's book here Here and you can get the book on Amazon 

You can follow Sheunesu on his Amazon Author Page on Facebook and on Instagram

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