Tuesday, 8 June 2021

I'm cycling Canal du Bourgogne

…I'm picking up from where I left you in my last post, at St Rémy.  Having made my trip to Montbard and back, I didn't stop…
From St Rémy (Lock 67), I decide to cycle on.  I'm heading north and towards the lowest point of the canal at Migennes, about 100Ks away - an no, I've absolutely no intention of convering that distance today!  But, the sun is bright and high and the canal is in the shade - a perfect combination for a stress-free trip on the bike.
About 5 kilometers and three locks further on (Lock 70) is the bridge at Rougemont.  I stop and wheel the bike across to the centre of the bridge.  The water kind of sparkles in the sunshine and there are a few people out with picnics still enjoying a last glass of wine after lunch.  On the other side of the bridge, I spot a fabulous display of flowers at a canal-side property.  A great excuse not to peddle and have a gulp or two of water and take some pics.
Away from the shade of the trees I can feel the searing heat of the sun on my face and the backs of my legs.  It's time to move on.  I  want to get to Aisy-sur-Armançon before turning back towards where the car is parked.  It's just another lock (Lock 71) and another bridge further on.  And yes I know, the numbering system of the locks is confusing isn't it?  But we're in the département of Yonne here so the lock numbers are suffixed with a Y to differentiate them from the other locks with the same numbers that begin at Pouilly-en-Auxois and continue south.
Aisy is another sleepy little town.  With a population of about 250 it boasts a boulangerie and a couple of other small businesses along with an old priory.  I park the bike and take a wander.  The street I'm on is named after a Marthe Saillard and I'm curious to know who she was and why the street carries her name.  Unfortunately, there's no-one else around to ask.  I follow the silent street and find a wine merchant and the baker's, neither of which are open.  A handwritten note on the door indicates the breadshop will open again at 16.30.  I check my watch, that's almost an hour to wait.
River Armançon
I retrace my steps still in search of information about Marthe, but unusually there is nothing, not even a little blue plaque displaying the street name and the dates of her birth and death.
  Something to research another time, I decide.  I collect the bike and trundle back to the river on the outskirts of town.  There are some benches in the shade and I decide to have a half hour stop watching the river…
Back at the campsite I check my map of the canal and my notes and do a quick count.  I've covered a total of 20 locks in my two weeks here.  A few of them more than once - well I like to be thorough and I can't see the point of rushing.  So, that's another 169 locks to look forward to for future visits!

I still don't know the history of Marthe, despite several checks through encyclopedias and other reference material once I returned home.  So, I will go back to Aisy at some point…

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  1. What an interesting and beautiful place.

    1. HI Mason, it is - I spend as much time in France as I can. Can't wait to get back there once we can travel again. Thanks for visiting.