Friday, 28 December 2018

Just because it's 'TwixMas'...

here are some lines to amuse…

The Wife's Eptaph

To follow you I'm not content.
How do I know which way you went.

Inscribed on a Pint-Pot

There are several reasons for drinking,
And one has just entered my head;
If a man cannot drink when he's living
How the Hell can he drink when he's dead?

On Taking a Wife

'Come, come,' said Tom's father, 'at your time of life,
There's no longer excuse for thus playing the rake.
It's time you should think, boy, of taking a wife.'
'Why so it is, father. Whose wife shall I take?'
                              Thomas Moore

And finally, some Limericks

A simple youg fellow named Hyde
In a funeral procession was spied.
When asked, 'Who is dead?'
He tittered and said,
'I don't know.  I just came for the ride.'

There once was a person from Lyme
Who married three wives at a time.
When asked, 'Why a third?'
He Replied, 'One's absurb,
And bigamy, Sir, is a crime.'

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