Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Messandrierre, published today!

Messandrierre, my novel set in the Cévennes and featuring my investigator Jacques Forêt, is published today.  Copies are available from Amazon, Kobo, iTunes and Nook.
You've already seen some of the letters that Jacques may have written home to his father in Paris.  Now you have the opportunity to meet Jacques for himself and below is a little taster from the text.

it begins
I died beneath a clear autumn sky in September, late in September when warm cévenol afternoons drift into cooler than usual evenings before winter steals down from the summit of Mont Aigoual.
My shallow grave lies in a field behind an old farmhouse. There was no ceremony to mark my death and no mourners, just a stranger in the darkness spading soil over my body. Only the midnight clouds cried for me as they carried their first sprinkling of snow to the tiny village of Messandrierre.
My innocent white coverlet allowing the earth around me to shift and settle unseen and become comfortable again.
september 2007


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