Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Please welcome, friend and author, Jane Bwye...

... who is Going It Alone with a new business-like approach.  Thanks for making time in your busy schedule to be here, Jane.  But I have to say I'm intrigued...

JB   Thank you for having me, Angela, and for providing me with food for thought.  You told me that when you got your first book contract, you “very stupidly” thought that was the end of the story.
AW  Hmm, that is so true.
JB   I, too, made that mistake, before feeling guilty for sitting back and savouring the moments instead of trying to show my appreciation to my publishers for investing their time and money in me.
For years I’d dreamed of having a book published.  For years I struggled to write one, learning as I went along. Writing a novel is very different from producing articles and short stories for magazines.  And after 72 rejections, I very nearly gave up.  Then I landed a contract with the Crooked Cats.  I don’t think we can blame ourselves too much for wanting to take a breather.
AW  No, you're probably right.  But, 72 rejections!  I would have given up!
JB   But now is the time to (temporarily) put aside our creative talents and focus on a new, business-like approach to life.  Completely out of our comfort zone.  It’s a whole new direction, but a vital move, if we want to do ourselves justice.
It’s not all that difficult once you decide to commit and learn to take one step at a time.  It’s never too late to learn.  And once you start, you will most likely realise that you have already taken some of those steps.
My latest challenge has been to change direction to non-fiction.
Going It Alone follows the basic structure of a simple business plan, applicable to any type of business, anywhere.  And because I love telling stories, it is illustrated with anecdotes taken from the experiences of my clients.
If we stick together, we authors will never feel alone, and if you read the book you will realise that we have a head-start on most run-of-the-mill businesses because we’re natural dreamers.  I show you how to “dream” in a business-like way at the beginning of the book.
I have been a business start-up mentor for the past fifteen years and I intend to practice what I preach when it comes to price:

Don’t Undersell Yourself!

However, advantage can be gained by making an introductory offer.

You can buy Going It Aone for £$0.99 if you pre-order the book by following this Amazon universal link:  Going It Alone

You are welcome to join in the online launch celebrations on Wednesday 15th August 2018; click Here to say you’re going.

...about that author  Jane Bwye lived for 55 years in Kenya.  She has been an intermittent free-lance journalist for most of her life and has written several books.  Her large family, scattered over three continents, are a good excuse for her to indulge in travelling.  A former teacher, and owner of several small businesses over the years, she works as a business mentor for small business start-ups.

You can follow Jane on her Amazon Author Page and on her  Website

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  1. What a great idea to discount for pre-orders. I rarely pre-order, except for longstanding favourite authors, but I've made an exception this time as I'm keen to see what Jane has to say!