Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Please welcome, friend and author, Ronald Kihali...

...to my blog today.  Hello Ronald, thanks for being here, all the way from Kenya!  Wow! So tell me, what is your current release?
RK   Whispers of Death is my first and current release.

AW   OK, and what first got you into writing and why?
RK   I may not explain what first got me into writing, because it just happened.  I was little, so little, when I began writing.  As early as 4, I could write anything anywhere, including the walls of our house.  It got so annoying to my parents sometimes, but they grew into it.  With time, I learnt about writers like Maya Angelou, J.K Rowling, William Shakespeare and the like.  I began reading their books and plays and poems and my interest blossomed.  I began blogging on WordPress in my high school days, and I felt, why not compile these thoughts into a book?  I felt, if I could inspire my followers with just daily articles, then I could inspire the entire world easily with an anthology.

AW  You write poetry and you seem to have a liking for Shakespeare.  How did all of that happen?
RK  Shakespeare has been my all-time favorite poet, closely followed by Emily Dickinson and Robert Frost.  Unlike today’s poetry which is mostly lacking in deep imagery, these poets knew how to create that.  I could read their poetry and feel like I’m actually the character in the poetry.  In my high school days, most people didn’t really do well in poetry exams, so they could come for my help in interpretation, and through this, I learnt to read more and write more.  Poetry has also helped me out of depression.  I lost a good friend some time back, a friend I really cherished, and I felt like I had made a big mistake in letting them go.  I couldn’t live with battling my own mind and guilt, so I wrote this book to inspire myself, and gladly, it’s inspiring others too.

AW  And what about other types of writing?  Have you ever dabbled with short stories, for instance, or other types of prose?
RK  Well, before I began writing poetry, I used to write short stories too.  I just decided to focus on poetry for I felt it’s more emotional than a story.  In my next book though, I’m planning to include short prose.

AW  Famous authors, such as Roald Dahl and Dylan Thomas, had a special space for writing.  Do you have a writing ‘shed’ of your own?
RK  Yes I do!  A coffin sounds serene!  Ha-ha it’s a joke but I’ve always wanted to write in a coffin and I even wrote a poem about it titled “Dear Coffin” in my debut book.  Anyway, I write anywhere, as long as an idea pops up.  When I’m in class, or in my bed, or eating breakfast or even talking with my friends, as long as an idea comes up, I write.  This is why I walk with my notebook everywhere!

AW  Finally, what would your eight-year old self think of, and say about, you today?
RK  I’m proud of you.  You have struggled, and you keep struggling to make it, and one day, your efforts will pay.  Just don’t write in a coffin, please.

about the book... It gets hard sometimes, doesn't it?  It gets so difficult only tears comfort your weeping soul.  This collection of simple, emotional poetry gives me, and all of us, hope.  That amidst the pain, the loss and suffering, there is always something to cling on.  Something to lean on.  Something to wait upon.  Because one thing is for sure, if love can come to an end, so can pain.

about the author... Everyone deserves to be happy is Ronald Kihali's mantra.  Born in Kenya, Africa, Ronald Kihali is one of the modern authors taking poetry to the next level.  With a lot of transplant from Rupi Kaur's style of writing and a little bit of Shakespearean poetry, he majors in poetry anthologies all about self-help and success.  Ronald began his writing journey from a tender age when he felt the world needs positiivity, and with the help of his huge Instagram following has taken the writing industry by storm.  Ronald is also a perpetual lover of pets, and admits that his pet dog, Maxwell, gives him inspiration to write every time Writers' Block hits him.

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