Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Recipe for an Anthology

A while ago, when I was asked to contribute to an anthology of stories, I was very, very pleased to have been included.  Having submitted my story, I've taken time-out to reflect on how the project moved from initial idea to finished product. Read on...

  • take 9 enthusiastic writers
  • add a location to meet
  • a feature character
  • a single and primary setting
  • a title
  • a blurb
  • a cover
  • gather your writers together for some blue-sky thinking
  • allow the initial thoughts to ferment for a month or so
  • bring the writers back to the meeting location to create the character common to all the stories and to name her
  • at the same time agree the location that is to be used as the model for the single and primary setting for the fictitious world of the book
  • leave the writers' thoughts and ideas in a marinade for a month or so
  • gather your writers together and discuss, ensuring that the resultant stories are well mixed and cohesive
  • let the writers braise their stories slowly on a low heat for two months, remembering to check the seasoning occasionally
  • once fully cooked, allow to cool before decorating with the cover
  • dress with an agreed title and a blurb and serve immediately to the reading public
I’m very pleased to be able to tell you the Miss Moonshine’s Emporium of Happy Endings is available on Amazon

about the book... Sometimes what you need is right there waiting for you...

Miss Moonshine's Wonderful Emporium has stood in the pretty Yorkshire town of Haven Bridge for as long as anyone can remember. With her ever-changing stock, Miss Moonshine has a rare gift for providing exactly what her customers need: a fire opal necklace that provides a glimpse of a different life; a novel whose phantom doodler casts a spell over the reader; a music box whose song links love affairs across the generations. One thing is for certain: after visiting Miss Moonshine's quirky shop, life is never the same again...

Nine romantic novelists from Yorkshire and Lancashire, including best-selling and award-winning authors, have joined together to create this collection of uplifting stories guaranteed to warm your heart. This intriguing mix of historical and contemporary romances will make you laugh, cry, and believe in the happy-ever-after.

I’ve really enjoyed working with my writing colleagues on this project and am immensely proud of our collective achievement.  I hope you enjoy the book.

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