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Friend and author, Stephanie Cage.. .

Author, Stephanie Cage
...introduced her character, Jason Jackson-Jones to the world here on my blog in September. Her story, 'The Crash' is now being serialised on her blog and I thought you might like to catch up with him again...

SC  Hi, Jason, thanks for allowing me to visit you here at Triple-J.  What should we know about you?
JJJ  I’m Jason Jackson-Jones.  At school I got the nickname Triple-J, so when I started my own company, the name was an easy choice.  I own and manage Triple-J Autos, the most profitable car parts manufacturer in Sheffield.  I’m the president and a founder member of the Association of Car Parts Manufacturers.

SC  I guess you must be very proud of that achievement.  I see your membership certificate there, above your desk, and a photo of you being invested as president.  But all that is your professional biography.  What about the ‘real’ you?
JJJ  That is the real me.

SC  OK, I’ll rephrase the question.  What about your personal life? 
JJJ  I’m married and I live in the Peak District with my wife and teenaged daughter. 
SC  That’s it?
JJJ  That’s it.  I like to keep my private life private. 

SC  Okay, let’s get back to work, then.  You have been likened to Scrooge in A Christmas Carol.  What do you have to say to that?
JJJ  I take it as a compliment.  Scrooge was a practical man.  He was all about making money and that’s what a business is for.  Of course, he changed when those ghosts came along, but I don’t believe in the supernatural.  If you can’t see it, measure it and put a price tag on it, it doesn’t exist.  So don’t expect any changes around here. 

A view of the Peak District
SC  We’ll see about that.  I hear there’s a big change coming up at Triple J Autos.
JJJ  What do you mean?
SC  I’ve heard your PA, who’s been with you since you founded the company, just quit. 
JJJ  That’s hardly a big change.  Support staff are ten a penny.  I’ve already got a call in to the agency now for a new girl.  In fact, there’s the door buzzer now.  It might be her, or my new engineering manager.  No rest for the wicked.  I’d best get back to work now.  The receptionist will see you out. 

SC  Thanks for agreeing to see me today.  I know you’re a very busy man, but just before I go, do you have any comment on the other rumour?
JJJ  Which other rumour?
SC  The rumour that Triple-J has been cutting corners to save money and manufacturing substandard parts.
JJJ  Have you been talking to that evil journalist?  His entire purpose in life is to undermine legitimate business owners.  He’s just jealous of my success and wants to put a spanner in the works for me.  Let me say again, everything’s going on exactly as usual at Triple-J, and will be for a long time to come. 

SC  OK, Jason, you carry on believing that.  As author, of course, I know what’s coming for you, whereas you’ll just have to wait and find out, along with my readers, when ‘The Crash’ is released!

About the Author… Stephanie began writing at an early age, and her first published short story appeared in a local newspaper while she was studying for her A-Levels.  She earned a degree in English Literature from Oxford University and then gained experience as a business writer while working for a communications consultancy in Berkshire.  After studying for an MA in Creative Writing at Bath Spa University, she moved to Yorkshire, where she lives with her husband and a rather large collection of books.  She now works in business administration and writes mainly romantic fiction.  The Crash is a contemporary fable, inspired by Charles Dickens (as mentioned above), as well as the likes of Mitch Albom and Cecilia Ahern.
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And Stephanie will be making a return visit to my blog on March 21st, be there!

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