Thursday, 11 August 2016

One year old today...

... and, no, it's not me that is one today, it's my blog!  So I'm breaking out the champagne and I've got the birthday cake all iced and ready to be cut.  I also thought I'd mark the occasion with one of my all time favourite pictures...

Arc de Triomphe, RN7, Orange

...this is the Arc de Triomphe that everyone forgets or ignores!  I happen to think that it's better than the one in Paris, because it really is roman!  It is around 2000 years old, is still standing and is truly magnificent!  I spent a very happy lunch hour here, a few years ago, eating and gazing in wonder at the monument.

Readers, wherever you are in the world, please accept my very grateful thanks for reading my random jottings over the last twelve months and please join my virtual celebration with some cake and a glass of bubbly, or a tea or coffee or... whatever you prefer.  And if you would like to leave a message...I would love to hear from you.


  1. Congratulations Angela! Really enjoying your blog posts very much...

  2. Happy 1st ... I also love that pic. I'm enjoying a coffee as I type :) x

  3. Hello, Ali, nice to meet you and thanks for dropping in.