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An interview with...

...author Queenie Black.  Welcome to my blog Queenie and let's get straight to the questions, shall we?

AW  What is your current release?
Ancient Greek columns
QB  I've just released a quartet of short erotic stories under the title Love Bites.  Each one is quite different and although very graphic (they contain adult themes and BDSM/Menage situations) they are relationship stories that end with a happy ever after.  As well as a contemporary story there is a historical one, a paranormal one and also a fantasy.  For example, 'Immortal Longings' is set on a Greek Island and involves two gorgeous Demi-gods who cross dimensions to bring a lot of happiness to a young widow who, before she can be completely happy, has a difficult choice to make.  You'll have to read the story to find out what she decides...

AW  What first got you into writing and why?
QB  I was an avid reader from about the age of four.  I would read very fast and then digest the stories slowly over time.  Often there were bits in the stories that I wasn’t happy with and I would re-write them in my head.  Sometimes I would re-plan the plot again in the way I wanted.  A kind of fan fiction I suppose, adding to stories or writing the end I wanted.  Over time it developed into making my own and writing them down.  I was encouraged to enter competitions while at primary school and I was given a lot of encouragement.

AW  You write Erotic Romance, is it all imagination or do you also undertake research?
QB  Well it’s a mixture of both.  I read very widely in the genre but also do a lot of research through reading factual books about the lifestyles/topics/ issues that I write about.  I am a member of some forums where I can ask questions as well.

AW  And what about other types of writing?  Have you ever dabbled with other genres?
QB  Oh yes, I write quite varied genres.  I am currently working on a series of Romantic Suspense novellas and I have also written short stories that have edges of horror.  I am also working on a contemporary romance.

Queenie's Writing Shed
AW  Famous authors, such as Roald Dahl and Dylan Thomas, had a special space for writing.  Do you have a writing ‘shed’ of your own?
QB  I write in a caravan at the bottom of the garden.  It is from the 1950s and is quite damp and cold in winter which means that I am motivated to write quickly so that I can get back into the warmth.  It has no internet access so I can’t be distracted.

AW  Finally, if you had a whole afternoon to yourself and could choose to spend it with anyone, living or dead or a character from a book.  Who would it be, and what would you want to discuss?
QB  Oooooh this is difficult.  I think I’d like to spend a morning with Georgette Heyer.  I love her historical novels and first started reading her books when I was about 14.  I love them all but my favourite is the Devil’s Cub.  Since reading her books I have had a soft spot for the genre.  One day I hope to be able to write a historical novel myself. 

Queenie's Author bio  I’ve been writing pretty much since I was able to read.  I juggle fundraising for charities, family life and writing with varying success.  My children have mostly flown the nest and I live in a small village in North Yorkshire, England with my husband and some chickens. I write in an old caravan in the garden where I can’t be tempted to procrastinate on the internet.  You can find Queenie on Facebook and Twitter, just follow the links below.
Facebook page: Facebook
Twitter: @queenieblackwr1

Book Blurb  Four delicious little erotic bites with happy ever after endings. Along with 'Immortal Longings' are 'Elevator Magic', 'Eleanor's Choice and 'Love Bites'.
This collection of four stories contains explicit language and graphic erotic sexual content.  It is intended for mature audiences, 18 years of age or older. Available from Amazon using the link below.

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