Tuesday, 1 March 2016

An Interview with...

...Pierre Mancelle who lives with his parents in the village of Messandrierre.  Pierre is lucky enough to count Gendarme Jacques Forêt as one of his greatest friends...


AW  Hello Pierre and please thank your maman for agreeing to let you be interviewed today.  Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

PM  I'm five and I'm going to be six very soon.

AW  Are you?  Well happy birthday and what are you getting for your birthday?

PM  I want a bike like the one Jean Pamier has, but maman says I'm too young.  But papa says I'm not and anyway, Jean lets me ride his bike, so I already know what to do.  I'm a lot faster than him.

AW  I see. Well I really hope your wish comes true. Do you live here in the village Pierre?

PM  Oh yes in the big house up there.

AW  And what about school?  Do you go to school here in the village too?

PM  No.  There is no school here so I go to Montbel and maman takes me each day and then fetches me back unless she forgets.

AW  Forgets!  I'm sure she doesn't forget.

PM  Oh but I like it when she forgets, then I get a ride on the police motorbike.  I'm a Junior Gendarme.

AW  Are you really?  That must be very important work that you do then?

PM  I patrol the village with Gendarme Forêt and I help him with his work.  He says I'll make a good policeman one day.

AW  And is that what you really want to do?

PM  Yes.  Then I can get to see dead bodies and things and I can arrest people and stop people in their cars and make them pay fines.

AW  I see.  And will you be helping Gendarme Forêt with the mysterious disappearances in the village?

PM  Maman said I'm not allowed to tell you about that.  But she said I can tell you what's going to happen on my birthday.

AW  And what is going to happen?

PM  Maman says I can take some cake to school for the others in my class.  But I will get my presents and all my birthday cards before I go to school and then, on the Saturday after my birthday, maman says Jean and Alain and Thierry and me are all going somewhere special as an extra surprise.

AW  You are very lucky Pierre and I hope you have a wonderful day and thank you for agreeing to let me ask you a lot of questions.  And you can find out what Pierre gets up to in Messandrierre, available using the following links.
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  1. Adorable! (That was said in the French style, just in case you can't tell from my typing!) Pierre may be my favourite person in Messandrierre. Although I am very fond of Jacques and Beth too.

    1. Isn't he just! He appears in book 2 as well. Thanks for visiting my blog, Stephanie.