Thursday, 13 August 2015

Getting Started Part 2

The blogs I like best are those that contain photos or pictures.  That is probably because I have a very simple mind!  So the purpose of this post is to see if I can successfully include a photo in with my ramblings.  And before you ask, it is a nice photo - of the river Vienne at Chinon, actually. 

Looking west along the river at Chinon

The castle at Chinon was Henry 2's holiday home until the Duke de Richelieu nicked the bricks for his own pad a bit further south on a tributary called the Veude.

Richelieu's chateau is no longer there.  So one has to wonder who nicked those bricks?  And why?  But the chateau garden is still there with attendant pond and avenue of trees.  No pics of that, unfortunately, it rained the day James and I visited.

1 comment:

  1. Nicking stones and - I presume - bricks is a time honoured tradition in England, good to know it happened in France, too.

    Presumably someone nicked Richelieu's bricks, too.

    Lovely photo, by the way!